Power rack height Extension (set of 2)

Power rack height Extension (set of 2)

Workbench Half Rack-Matted Black

Designed following the same specification for our leading Power Rack, the Workbench Half Rack is the perfect solution for serious trainer with limited space. The user has the option to expand in the future, with our optional Dip Bars, Lat Tower attachment (WB-LTO16) or the unique Workbench Utility bench (WB-UB16) for additional exercises.


Minimal Footprint:

Only requires 37" by 51.2" footprint and a height clearance of 82.5".

Enhanced Durability:

1000 lbs. Weight Capacity

Expandable with Accessories:

You have the option to add the dip handles attachment for various dip exercises. You can further customize your Rack to include the optional Workbench-Utility Bench and Lat Tower Option which will allow you to expand your home gym further with a wide variety of exercises.

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Modell Nr WB-HR16-B
Accessorize Nein
Isolaterale Funktion Nein
Maße 35.8" x 49.7" x 81.8"
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Equipment / Exercise Matrix

Abdominal Hanging Leg Raise

Abdominal Hanging Leg Twist


Horizontal Pull-Ups


Oblique Crunch


Push Ups

Optional Accessories / Additional Exercises

Utility Workbench

Flat Bench Press

Inclined Bench Press

Decline Bench Press

Bench Shoulder Press

Lat Tower Option

Cable Bent Over Row

Cable Upright Row

Bicep Curls

One Arm Row

Close Grip Lat Pulldown

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Single Arm Low Cable Rows

Low Cable Straight Bar Curls

Standing Front Lat Pulldown

Triceps Pushdown

Overhead Triceps Extension

Low Cable Triceps Kick

High to Low Wood Chops

Low to High Wood Chops

Overhead Bicep Curl