Committed to Stronger Lives


Be inspired

Be inspired by some of the greats! We talk to some of the best in the fitness and strength business! What keeps these champions committed to a stronger life? How do they manage their busy lives? What helped propel them to the top of their sport? Find out these answers and more!

Nicole Wilkins -
Committed To Success

Nicole wilkins–The ultimate combo of beauty and braun! Nicole talks about how she got started, what it means to be a 4-time Olympia winner, and what life is like outside the sport.

Dave Lipson -
Committed To Family & Fitness

We get an in-depth look behind the scenes and into the life of former professional baseball player, Dave Lipson. He tells us how he got started and fitness and talks about major impacts in his life.

Jay Cutler -
Committed to Greatness

Hear from 4x Mr. Olympia champion and entrepreneur, Jay Cutler as he talks about his upbringing in rural life and what transformed his trajectory and put him on the path toward greatness.

Commit to strength