Powertec ambassadors

Tom Coleman

A passionate rugby player, he was forced to give up the sport when he injured his leg at the age of 16. He then turned to bodybuilding.

Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom set out to sculpt the physique of his dreams. Tom follows an old-fashioned bodybuilding routine and enjoys free-weight squats, bench presses and heavy barbell movements. Also an entrepreneur, he set up his own roofing company at the age of 21. As motivated as ever, he continues to combine his various professions with his athletic career.

Nicole Wilkins

The mindset of a champion, a competitive athlete for almost twenty years, Nicole's commitment to a stronger life is unrivalled!

a 4-time Olympia Figure champion, she has inspired women around the world to pursue their passion. Bodybuilding is a year-round commitment that takes its toll on body and mind. It takes a special kind of strength to adopt the competitive spirit that has taken Nicole to the top.

Dave Lipson

He is a husband, father, coach, former professional athlete and founder of Thundrbro training programs.

His name is recognized throughout the U.S. athletic world for his remarkable career and his expertise in strength and conditioning. Training is in Dave's DNA, and his passion for sharing his skills is admirable. Over the years, the elements that fuel his motivation have continued to develop, but his commitment to a stronger life has never strayed from its path.