Based in Southern California and operating in the United States, Europe and Asia, Powertec designs and produces a complete range of innovative bodybuilding equipment for home and light commercial use.

Committed to Stronger lifes

Over 25 years of commitment

POWERTEC is the pioneer and leader in bodybuilding equipment for the Home Gym, and that's no accident.

Powertec's vision has always been to make bodybuilding a lifestyle. That's why Powertec's mission is to be committed to making lives more effective. Powertec is committed to fulfilling this mission through 3 core values: respect, caring and performance.

As a result, Powertec has become the most popular brand among professional and amateur athletes looking for commercial-quality bodybuilding equipment at Home Gym prices.

Present in Europe and the Middle East with 17 official dealers. Find the list here.


years of commitment
for better lives


core values
respect, caring, performance


essential requirements
Safety, Modularity, High Load


Satisfied or your money back
Subject to conditions


These three terms are systematically integrated into the specifications of each of our products. This enables the user to lift the maximum weight and train to the limits without the need for an assistant. But it also means they can upgrade their equipment as their needs.

A brand and a logo

The name and logo were designed to reflect Powertec's values

POWERTEC is a combination of TEC for the technological innovations we're trying to bring to market, and POWER for the POWER the brand is known for.

POWERTEC looking for a symbol that would represent the company's culture and the spirit it conveys, we chose a West African symbol, the Wawa Aba, which stands for perseverance and dedication to a cause, exactly what POWERTEC is all about.