Squat Calf

The Levergym® Squat/Calf machine is designed to maximize your squat and calf training. With the Safety of our Lever Arm and a footplate with the optimal angle, all the stress and pressure are taken off the lower back and knees. The resistance is focused on the thighs or calves. Take your glute and leg training to the next level.

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Dual Safety Feature

An easy to access bar at the top allows the user to start and stop the exercises with a simple push or pull motion.  A fixed safety stops at the bottom of your natural range of motion for added safety.

- Weigths not included -

Code L-SC
Color Black
Height 1,57 m
Width 1,40 m
Depth 1,48 m
Weight 90 kg
Weight Capacity / Max Loads 225 kg
Starting Weight 9 kg
Ø Weight Horns 50 mm
Isolateral Function No
Muscle Group Legs, Calf
Exercise Matrix Squat, Lunges, Calf Raise

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