The Powertec Roller Smith Machine incorporates a revolutionary carriage system for the smooth weight training experience. The high tensile strength Olympic Bar is driven by a roller system that incorporates bearing drive nylon reinforced wheels for the ultimate in stability, safety, and smoothness.

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Smooth Operation

Adjustable spring-loaded safety catches, give the user the confidence to push maximum weight.

Expandable with Accessories

You can further customize your Rack to include the optional Workbench-Utility Bench (WB-UB) :

and/or the Lat Tower Option (WB-LTO),the optional WB-LTO requires a connector (LTO-RS-CN):


- Weights sold separately - 

Code WB-RS
Color Black
Height 2,10 m
Width 2,17 m
Depth 1,07 m
Weight 99 kg
Weight Capacity / Max Loads 200 kg
Starting Weight 20 kg
Ø Weight Horns 50 mm
Weight Stack Compatibility No
Isolateral Function No
Muscle Group Arms, Legs, Back, Shoulder, Calf, Chest
Exercise Matrix Squat, Lunges, Biceps Curl, Calf Raise, Shoulder press, Dip, Upright Row

Powertec Roller Smith Demo

Powertec Roller Smith Assembly Build