Height : 2,19 m Width : 2,02 m Depth : 1,18 m



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The Functional Trainer Deluxe is one of the most versatile and unique training systems on the market, with a total resistance capacity of 450kg.  The WB-FTD comes standard with two separate Olympic weight horn sets that can be loaded with 135kg each.


The Functional Trainer Deluxe includes now the multigrip pull up bar as standard.


2x Adjutable handle 1x Long bar 1x Short bar with chain 1x ankle strap

Increase the max weight with the weight Stack

For even greater weight capacity, the user can choose to add two optional weight stacks that will bring each station to a total of 225 kg in capacity.  No other Functional trainer on the market can deliver that. This machine is ideal for the bodybuilder looking to isolate and maximize each muscle group or those looking for a total body workout in one machine.

2 x WS-190

- Weights and weight stacks sold separately-

Technical specifications

Color Black
Height 2,19 m
Width 2,02 m
Depth 1,18 m
Weight 171 kg
Weight Capacity / Max Loads 225 kg per side, total 450 kg
Ø Weight Horns 50 mm
Weight Stack Compatibility Yes
Weight Stack Quantity 2
Isolateral Function Yes
Muscle Group Abdomen, Arms, Back, Calf, Chest, Legs, Shoulder
Exercise Matrix Abdominal Crunch, Assisted Abdominal Crunch, Assisted Chin Up, Back Extensions, Bent Leg Lift , Bent over row, Biceps Curl, Calf Raise, Chin up, Close Grip Pulldown, Front Lateral Raise, Hanging Abdominal Twist, High Cable Bicep Curl, High to Low Wood Chops, Inverted Pike Pull Up, Isolateral Bent Over Row, Isolateral Shoulder Press, Low Cable Bicep Curl, Low Cable Row, Low to High Wood Chops, Lunges, Oblique Crunch, Overhand Pulldown, Overhead Triceps Pushdown, Row Pull, Shrug, Single Underhand Triceps Kickbacks, Squat, Straight Leg Raise, Underhand Pulldown, Underhand Triceps Pushdown, Upright Row, Wide Grip Pulldown, Wide Grip Row, and more !

Reviews from our customers

Reviews about this product
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Based on 5 reviews

  • 5

    Très bonne machine qui fait tout ce qu’on lui demande. Il me manque plus que les colonnes de poids pour que mon expérience soit au top Merci encore powertec

  • 5

    Excellent machine qui travail tout le corps complets !!! Juste avoir de la place.

  • 5

    Excellent machine that works the whole body !!! Just have to have room.

  • 5

    Got this machine back in the summer and started to set it up. Decided to move so dismantled it and set it aside. Finally moved and have set it up in my new house. Good quality easy assembly if you have basic skills with hand tools. I bought the weight stacks as well, slightly confused as they were 190 rather than 200 but assume the weight horn is the other 10 pounds that gets it to 200 per side. I bought this machine specifically because you can add plate weight to the stacks. All the others I saw were around the same price but were fixed at 2 to 300 pounds. I'm not going to be needing 500 per side anytime soon but 400 on a squat or deadlift really isn't that much. Having the option to add extra weight with plates made this my only choice basically. Everything functions smooth, the supplied attachments are good quality and I have no regrets. Couple pieces seemed a little banged up in shipping but cosmetics make no difference to me, and you kind of expect freight shipping to cause damage. If I needed another one I wouldn't hesitate to buy.

  • 4

    Mine finally came in with only a three week lead time. I gotta say overall I'm impressed. There were a couple of defects that I need to call the service team about, and I can't seem to be able to get the weight stacks to line up properly. The pin slides in easily for some plates, and only half way for others on both sides. Also, the instructions definitely need a rewrite as it skips entire steps, has parts labeled wrong, etc. overall I'd say it's definitely worth the money.

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