Lat Machine

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The ultimate addition to any home gym. The P-LM Lat Machine comes standard as a free-weight loaded piece. Purchase the optional 90 kg weight stack and you get an industry leading 225 kg weight capacity. Variety of exercises possible thanks to the swivel seat opening up access to high, low and seated pulley exercises.

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New Design

Reinforced uprights for better ridity of the top bar. Longer thigh pad (25cm on each side) and height adjustment of the thigh pad. New pin to adjust the swivel seat. Angled stainless steel weight horns insure that weight plates stay in place. Ratio for Lat Machine is 1:1.

Swivel Seat Access

The unique seat section is built into the machine allowing the seat to be locked in position or pivoted outward, opening up the middle area for numerous exercises. Multiple cable bars are included.


Increase the max weight with the weight Stack

For even greater weight capacity, the user can choose to add two optional weight stacks that will bring a total of 225 kg in capacity.

1 x WS-190

- Weights and weight stacks sold separately-

Height2,09 m
Width1,00 m
Depth1,40 m
Weight86 kg
Weight Capacity / Max Loads225 kg
Starting Weight4,5 kg
Ø Weight Horns50 mm
Weight Stack CompatibilityYes
Weight Stack Quantity1
Isolateral FunctionNo
Muscle GroupAbdomen, Arms, Back, Shoulder
Exercise MatrixRow Pull, Upright Row, Low Cable Row, Wide Grip Row, Bent over row, Overhand Pulldown, Underhand Pulldown, Wide Grip Pulldown, Close Grip Pulldown, Underhand Triceps Pushdown, Overhead Triceps Pushdown, Low to High Wood Chops, High to Low Wood Chops, Low Cable Bicep Curl

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