Lat Tower Accessory

400,00 €

Payment workable in 3X free of charge (3 X 133,33 €) by credit card

Setting new standards with the smoothest lat machine available. The Lat Tower Accessory has been designed to provide users with leg hold down support through a newly designed roller adjustment tube.

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One of our most popular “Build Your Own Workbench” Accessories is the this Lat Tower Attachment (WB-LTA). Though it is only an attachment by definition; it adds a whole new exercise station to your existing work bench. You can check out the exercise matrix to see a wide variety of exercises this station has to offer. Powertec’s modular accessories are designed to fit all Powertec WORKBENCH models. All accessories are designed to provide a unique expansion of your gym functions at a very affordable price.



- Weights and Benches are not included with accessories -

Height2,10 m
Width1,04 m
Depth0,54 m
Weight29 kg
Weight Capacity / Max Loads136 kg
Starting Weight4,5 kg
Ø Weight Horns50 mm
Weight Stack CompatibilityNo
Muscle GroupBack, Shoulder, Arms
Exercise MatrixOverhand Pulldown, Underhand Pulldown, Bent over row, Wide Grip Pulldown, Close Grip Pulldown, Underhand Triceps Pushdown, Overhead Triceps Pushdown, Single Underhand Triceps Kickbacks, Low Cable Bicep Curl, High Cable Bicep Curl, Front Lateral Raise