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Height : 2,05 m Width : 1,86 m Depth : 3,05 m



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The Powertec Workbench Multisystem® is the market leader in multi-station leverage gyms. The revolutionary design provides complete body training for up to three users simultaneously, while maintaining a relatively compact footprint. The system can be accessorized with a wide variety of modules to grow with your training needs. Ideal for home, personal trainer and light commercial use.


The Leverage Advantage

Weight plates are loaded directly onto the Isolateral Lever Arms providing for a natural feel and the resistance of free weights with the safety and control of a machine.

Total Body Training for Multiple Users

The Multisystem consists of three separate stations for chest, core and leg training. Users can rotate through the stations for a complete body workout routine.

Fully Adjustable Bench Design

The Workbench new design provides additional stability and allows users to adjust the seating area and Back Rest Pads at different settings with ease thanks to its unique Ball Bearing Driven Carriage.

Expandable with Accessories

The bench and Ab station includes the front tube adaptor that accepts Powertec Workbench Accessories.

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- Weight not included -

Technical specifications

Code WB-MS
Height 2,05 m
Width 1,86 m
Depth 3,05 m
Weight 202 kg
Weight Capacity / Max Loads Press Arms: 225 kg / Lat Lever: 180 kg / Crunch: 45 kg / Squat Lever Arms: 225 kg
Starting Weight Press Arms: 9 kg / Lat Lever: 0 kg / Crunch: 6,8 kg / Squat Lever Arms: 15,9 kg
Ø Weight Horns 50 mm
Isolateral Function Yes
Muscle Group Abdomen, Arms, Back, Calf, Chest, Legs, Shoulder
Exercise Matrix Abdominal Crunch, Bent over row, Calf Raise, Close Grip Bench Press, Close Grip Pulldown, Decline Bench Press, Flat Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Isolateral Bench Press, Isolateral Bent Over Row, Isolateral Shoulder Press, Overhand Pulldown, Overhead Triceps Pushdown, Shoulder press, Sit Up, Squat, Underhand Pulldown, Underhand Triceps Pushdown, Wide Grip Pulldown

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  • 5

    Excellente machine, au top

  • 5

    Excellent we really love working out on this machine. This machine does a lot and my wife and are are enjoying and looking forward to working out on the multi gym.

  • 5

    Solid machine, can truly do almost every workout with it. The bench press feels great in all positions. Many height adjustments so you can find the right starting point regardless of your size. We bought this machine for a firehouse and every member enjoys using it.

  • 5

    I have been using my Powertec gym set since 2005 consistently at least 3 times a week and I love it. I’m now 63 years old and my coworkers can’t believe that I’m that young. They want to be like me when they grow up

  • 5

    I truly could not be more pleased with my Workbench Multisystem. I did a ton of research on a lot of different setups as doing something like a home gym is a large investment. I finally ended up choosing Powertec for the design of this system. I wanted something that would give me a great workout, but also was approachable for people that I will train on it. Power racks and free weights are great for experienced lifters, but can be intimidating for people new to fitness. At 6’2”, my only concern after looking at pictures of it was that I would be too tall. However, my concerns were completely unwarranted. I have full ROM on the squats, can do deep lunges, get full reach on the pull-down tower, and can even do RDL’s effectively. I would recommend this system to absolutely anyone shopping for a home gym, you will not be disappointed.


There are a number of machines available for building upper body strength. Your choice will depend on the area of your body you wish to exercise. Machines are available to work various upper-body muscles, such as :

- Traction/Dips: Develops back, shoulders and triceps.

- High pulley: Perfect for triceps and shoulders.

- Bench press/incline: Builds pectoral muscles.

- Vertical pull: Strengthens back and biceps.

- Weight station: Allows you to work several muscle groups with different exercises.

- Rowing machine: Excellent for a full-body workout, including upper body.

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